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Heyy all!

I hope your semesters have been full of happiness and bunnies, or at least a little bit of chocolate, but I think it's been a rough semester for everyone. So rejoice, you're not alone! 

My semester's almost done, so I'll be way more active soon. I know I have a lot of stuff to catch up on, especially stories and artworks you guys have been posting, so I will soon--I promise I'm not ignoring you!

My schedule was pretty wild this semester (upper level nursing prerequisite courses, Army ROTC physical training and field training, hospital volunteering, running a club, ignoring responsibilities). So that's been eating my time, and my soul.

I also found out I have a serious iron deficiency... you know you're in trouble when the doctor's instructions are, "Take these iron pills, and if they don't make you sick, double the dosage and come back in three months." 

I should take them, but one time they did make me sick and I don't want to be sick in classes... but now I can't concentrate and I'm always tired and coffee doesn't help... and now I'm probably going to get C's in my prerequisite classes! But that's actually sort of a good thing, because it helped show me that nursing was not the field for me. I hate studying anatomy (and biology in general, excluding microbiology) and working in the hospital.

The things I really look forward to are my labs, like chem lab. And I remember when my chem 101 professor was telling us about her research, I was jealous. I wanted to be able to do hands on stuff like that and actually research and make something that could be a part of the future. She was working on the coolest stuff (involving electron transfer and solar energy) and I thought, "damn, I wish I could do that, but I'm going into nursing."

What the hell, younger Karen? Follow your alternative energy fueled dreams! So here I am, changing my major (to either chem or physics). 

So although this semester was easily the worst one I've had since sixth grade (never before have I hoped for a C, and for two huge classes...), it taught me a lot about what I value in my future, so that's important.

It also taught me to take my iron pills...

I hope your semester has been better than mine! And if it hasn't, we can cry together and then sing along to Blank Space on repeat because damn if it isn't catchy. 


teh mynaophelia strikes again!
United States
I can't believe I have to put this here but PLEASE people stop giving me llamas I don't need them stop it's kind of irritating so give them to someone who actually wants them okay. : (

Hello lovelies! My name is Myna. Mostly I like writing absurd stories about idiotic characters doing idiotic things, and then I like drawing pictures of those characters. I also like martial arts, dance and roleplaying. Current residence is North Carolina, home of tobacco and grass. Mostly grass. And it's all dead. Welcome home.

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